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City brewery on a unique location

Brewery Kazematten is located in the heart of Ypres within the ancient walls surrounding the city. The unique ‘Kazematten van het Houten Paard’ date back to 1680 and have been transformed into an authentic brewery. 

The beers

Wipers Times 14, a blond craft beer of 6,2 % ABV, is the first beer of the new city brewery of Ypres ‘Brouwerij Kazematten’. The brewery became also the new safe haven for the unique Belgian ‘Grotten Santé’.

Unique location, unique flavour

The quest to give Ypres back its own city brewery led, thanks to the Ypres city council, to a unique and historic place. 

Unique and historic place

The ‘Kazematten van het Houten Paard’ (the casemates of the wooden horse) were built around 1680 following the plans of Vauban, the great military engineer of Louis XIV. These 3 unique basements are part of the 17th century walls surrounding the city Ypres.


Over centuries these basements were used to store ammunition and military equipment, and were used as sleeping quarters and shelter for the troops who defended Ypres during the many sieges.

The British troop during the First World  War used the casemates as ‘mess’ for the officers. Their command headquarters and field hospital were also based in ‘Hotel de Remparts’, as the Kazematten were ironically called. It was also the home of the famous British trench gazette ‘The Wipers Times’. And now there is a unique brewery on this unique location. 

Brouwerij kazematten

City brewery at one of the oldest locations in Ypres. 

Brouwerij Kazematten - Worth tasting!

Brouwerij Kazematten - Worth visiting!

Our brewery

The authentic brew hall with copper brew kettles has a capacity of 750 liters per batch. 

Stappen in het brouwproces


Special water treatment makes city water appropriate for brewing.


The malt is crushed in a malt mill to allow the enzymes to easily dissolve during the brewing process.


The milled, malted and raw grains are dissolved in heated brewing water and converted into fermentable sugars. This mashing process takes about an hour and a half to convert all the starch into sugar.


The lauter kettle separates the liquid wort from the spent grains.


The sweet wort, together with hops and spices are cooked for an hour and a half in the boiler.


The heat exchanger cools down the wort to the fermentation temperature. We recover the brew water in a hot water tank, and use it for our next brew.


Once the wort has cooled down, we ferment it with a specially selected top yeast. The yeast converts the sugars from the malt into alcohol. This takes about one week.


Afterwards the young beer still needs to lager and mature in our two lager tanks in order to reach an optimal flavor. After the maturation process we bottle or keg the beer.

Visit our brewery

Are you curious about the history of the site, the day-to-day action of the brewery or the story behind its rise? We would like to welcome you to one of our brewery tours. 

Open brewery – Every Saturday from 3 pm until 5 pm

Private Tour – By appointment

Authentic brewery in a unique location

Open Brewery

Every Saturday afternoon the brewery is open for public from 3:00 pm until 5:00 pm. Entry charge is €10 per person: you can visit the brewery and taste 3 beers. Children pay € 4. Guided tours in Dutch start at 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm, guided tour in English starts at 4:00 pm.

Reservation through visit@kazematten.be is desired!


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Private Tour

The brewery is always open for visit by appointment. Groups of minimum 15 persons pay €12,5 per person (including gift pack). Groups of 14 persons or less are also welcome but pay an extra amount for the guide. Duration of a private tour with tasting: 90 min.

Reservation necessary: visit@kazematten.be


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