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Grotten Santé

Grotten Santé

Grotten Santé

Grotten Santé is an darkbrown, spicy beer of 6 % ABV, with small quantities of an ‘exotic’ ingredient that creates a slight dryness.

History of Grotten Santé

Brouwerij Kazematten’ became the new safe haven of the unique Belgian ‘Grottenbier’, created by one of the greatest Belgian brewers Pierre Celis.
With the relocation of the Grottenbier to ‘Brouwerij Kazematten’, the beer got a facelift: Grottenbier becomes Grotten Santé. It is still brewed with the same recipe.

"The aim of Grottenbier was to see what the influence of a constant low temperature, such as in a cave, does to the evolution of a beer taste."

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