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“Foodpairing tip: caesarsalade met kip. Het zachte bier spoelt de zoute smaken van de parmezaan, het spek en de ansjovis weg en tilt de kip mooi omhoog, wat het geheel in balans brengt.” Sofie Vanrafelghem - biersommelier

Wipers Times Blond

Wipers Times Blond is a blonde, top-fermented specialty beer (6.2% alcohol by volume) that is brewed with 4 different grains and solely locally grown hops. The beer is finished with 4 different herbs, including the seed of the medicinal Saint Mary’s Thistle, also called ‘blessed thistle’. The thistle is also featured on the cover of the satirical trench gazette ‘The Wipers Times’.  


Colour Blond
Type of beer Top fermentation
Alcohol degree 6,2 %
° Plato 14,6
Recommended pouring temperature 6 - 10°
Colour (EBC) 11
Bitterness (EBU) 19
Shelf life 18 months (bottle) / 15 months (keg)
Packaging Bottle: 75 cl / 33 CL - Keg: 20L


This beer has an intense golden-yellow colour and looks very attractive thanks to its robust, cream-coloured head. 

Character, taste and aromas

Wipers Times Blond is a splendid pairing between refreshing, zesty flavours and the opulent, sweet taste of fruit that takes you to a higher plane. It is a veritable symbiosis of aromas of citrus and lime aired with velvety-soft vanilla and sweet honey coming to the fore in the taste. The floral touches yield a masterful perfume and make this beer go down a treat. The main ingredients - hop, malt and other grains – have gained a royal warrant for the supply of a perfectly balanced taste and the herbs can be given credit for the lovely aroma and refreshing finish.


Thanks to the dominant presence of citrus and its outstandingly refreshing touches, Wipers Times Blond really comes into its own when paired with fish and crustaceans. 

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